Susan Gill cont….

 Susan’s career has shaped her to believe the following philosophy; there are things that are working for families and individuals already, and her role is to find what those are and build upon them. If the individuals can find that things are working now they can find a hope that things will continue to get better. It is a strengths based solution focused theory.

 Susan has spent much of her career working in crisis intervention and support services through non profit organizations, helping individuals reach their highest level of functioning and quality of life. She believes that in that moment of crisis when individuals and families are struggling, a miracle question must be asked. What would it look like if a miracle happened, the crisis was over and things were better? While clients cannot always find a concrete answer, they are able to visualize things could be better. During therapy Susan works with individuals, couples and families to further define their miracles. The further defined miracles are used to create a road map, or treatment plan, to achieve the goals-which have been defined as the miracles.

 Over the last twenty years her career has taken her through conducting solution focused groups at a homeless shelter, creating mentoring programs for at risk children, creating treatment plans for individuals with substance abuse, assessing the risk of one to harm themselves or others, providing treatment to clients with diagnoses of bi polar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and developmental disabilities, and facilitating six weeks series of Survival Skills for Healthy Families. Susan has been presenting this in the community since 2002 and has given families new skills and tools to create effective communication in families that allows them to speak up, listen, and cooperate. She uses the same techniques with clients in her private practice.