Denise Griggs Cont…

Denise has worked in both the in-patient and out-patient clinical setting addressing both behavioral health and substance abuse issues. She has worked as a sexual assault crises counselor serving a 5 county area and has experience working with the emotionally and developmentally impaired, assisting them with adjustments on the job. She has also done home based work with the geriatric population. Denise has performed numerous Critical-Incident Stress Debriefings on a contractual basis throughout the greater West Michigan area and she has done public speaking regarding many topics relative to emotional health, marriage, parenting and overall family wellness. Denise has taught as a professor for the department of social work at Grand Valley State University.

Denise has performed out-pt. mental health services to adults, couples, children, teens, and families since 1991 and has been in private practice since 1995. She prefers to use an eclectic approach to treatment with a strong emphasis on cognitive-behavioral principles. She is also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and utilizes its advantages with a variety of treatment issues. She has recently added Neurofeedback to her practice as this cutting edge treatment has been shown to have substantial results in the treatment of most behavioral health concerns. Denise works with individuals suffering from trauma, mood and adjustment disorders, anxiety, grief and loss, behavioral problems, substance use concerns, ADHD, and victims of abuse. With couples, she does pre-marital evaluations and counseling, relationship enhancement training, and assists in improving communication and conflict resolution skills while addressing areas of conflict and distress within the relationship. She treats both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. Denise enjoys working with children and adolescents as well. She was raised in a family of 12 and has 8 children of her own and appreciates the challenges and uniqueness in working with each individual child. Denise believes that the secret to health and happiness is in the maintaining of “balance” in all areas of life while addressing issues as they arise and processing the accompanying emotions.

Denise is presently facilitating the “Alcohol & Highway Safety Class” on an “as needed” basis and will complete Drivers License Re-instatement Evaluations per client request. She is available for off-site Critical Incident Debriefings, Family Wellness/ Parenting Classes, Domestic Violence Group Treatment, Stress Management and Anger Management lectures and/or treatment, as well as various forms of out -patient counseling services. To take your first step toward personal growth, contact us to set up an appointment with Denise at either her Walker or Grand Haven office location.